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Events and programmes at the Wojtyla House in September and at the beginning of October

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The Wojtyla house provides its visitors with colourful programmes during September. The house’s programmes offer a great diversity to the members of the ’’Wojtyla family”.


     In the frames of the academy of the poor there was a performance given by Zsuzsanna Bereznai and Sándor Szalai. Sándor Szalai is an artist, a painter, a poet, a teacher and a believer. Zsuzsanna Bereznai has recently written a book on Mr Szalai’s life. Mr Szalai is a surprisingly pure soul and a humble believer. He works at the Piarist school and is a leader of a Catholic group where people pray and sing together once a week.

    József Farkas P. announced some new programmes of the Wojtyla house in the autumn.

    The first of them is the ’’Concert for the poor” at the Saint Nicolaus Church (Friars’ church). The income of the concert will be used as a charity for the poor people.

    On 30th September animals will be blessed on the square in front of the ’’Műkerti templom” (Műkerti church).

    On 2nd October the nursery school children can see a slide show about the life of Saitn Francesco of Assissi. On 3rd October school pupils can attend the same programme.

    On 4th October at 3 pm the renowed Christ cross will be blessed by doctor Balázs Bábel, archbishop of Kalocsa-Kecskemét.

     At 5 pm on 4th October there is a wake in the Saint Francesco chapel. There will be a slide show presentation about the building of the chapel and after the wake there will be an ’’Agape” (love feast).

Generous helpers of the Wojtyla house  giving Charity lunch at the soup kitchen

Imre Bimbó, carpenter offered a free lunch to the poor at the Wojtyla house.  The Wojtyla Friendship Center has to thank him a lot. He took part in the renewing of the roof, and he made the wood work of the terasse of the yard of the soup kitchen, and made all kinds of woodwork there. He gave a lunch to the poor on Saturday.  Dr. Zoltán Jámbor offered a Sunday lunch packet to them. The precise LTD company is a charity helper of the Wojtyla Friendship center for several years. Zoltánné Beregszászi and Edit Kovácsné gave a Friday lunch to the poor in the name of the company. Zoltán Molnár, volounteer cook cooked a lunch in the Wojtyla center thank to the donation of Caruso Annunziato, the owner and cheaf cook of the  Cézár restaurant. The Italian gentleman has been leading his restaurant in Kecskemét for twenty years.

     The poor people of the Wojtyla house got a free lunch from Pál Farkas, the brother of József Farkas P. Two weeks ago, and not for the first time.

    Erzsébet Farkas, the daughter of Pál Farkas, gave the Wojtyla family a free lunch last week. Erzsébet Farkas is not rich. She lives with her two children in Dunavecse. Her donation is extraordinary precious.


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