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Wojtyla House charity news from the first two weeks of August

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János Garaczi, the Venesz prize holding master cook was celebrated by the Wojtyla Friendship Centre’s community on his 70th birthday. Mr Garaczi is the founder and the owner of the Öreg Tanyacsárda restaurant in Lajosmizse. The congratulations of the community of 120 members was given to the world famous ganstronomy expert by József Farkas P., the director of the house, then they had a meaningful talk.

The owner of one of the newest schools in Kecskemét, Hírös Képző, Endre Miklós and his wife, the other owner, Mariann Csernus have visited the community of the Karol Wojtyla Friendship Centre for the second time nowadays. They have regularly given charity food to the poor of the house for two years now. On Friday they did not come with empty hands either; after greeting the community he gave a meal to 120 poor people in the center. Attila Mezei mastercook prepared rice and meat and some acerbity, and bread, cake and an apple were given to it.    

The Walking on the Path of Love Club considers each person with the same attitude. The goal of the founding of their community was that we let as many people as possible get to know this possibility.  All of us can have a difficult time. At those times there should be another person who holds our hand and helps us with standing up. This is offered by us. Our community holds its meetings here on the first Friday of every month. Everybody is welcome, and even more if somebody desires also spiritual nutriment. Since we not only have a physical body, but there is the soul beside it and that transforms the divine voice into our thoughts. If our soul is pure enough we can hear the guidance through which we can return to the right path that makes our life easier. “We experience great wonders.”, Szilvia Flóring, one of the movers of the  Walking on the Path of Love Club said in March when she recently visited the Karol Wojtyla Friendship Centre in Kecskemét. On that occasion as well as this time the workers of the soup-kitchen of the Egressy street were able to give a free meal to the ones in need. Before eating Pál Farkas, one of the organizing coworkers and the poor people traditionally prayed together. Nearly a hundred and twenty poor people of difficult life got a meal with help of the generous supporters of the Wojtyla House and the volunteers of the institute. This time they got a traditional Hungarian meal, bread and plums that were given by János Gulyás.       

Recently a silent, modest gentleman rang the bell of the Wojtyla Friendship Centre. When a volunteer of the soup kitchen asked him what he could help him when opening the door he said: ”I have brought you some charity. Without a name, so please let me not introduce myself. I ama Citizen of Kecskemét, and that is all. The generous subscriber was welcomed by József Farkas P. the founder and owner of the social institution. When he asked the quest what he was led here by he quoted the New Testament “Remember  charity because God is delighted in it.” (Jews, 13,16). Thanks to the stranger the poor of the Wojtyla House got fried chicken and pork with rice, onion and pepper and cake. There were about a hundred and twenty people eating on this day, too. 

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